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Rekindling the passion with couples therapy

How has the love you once shared as a couple turned cold? 

Let's investigate what happened from when you first met and fell in love to now. 


In an initial session, it's important to find out if both partners are really willing to make a go of things, to be open and honest with each other and with me.

Communication is of course the most important element of the relationship but how you do that depends on a number of things. The family you grew up in the beliefs you hold may at some point cause communication to break down or change. If a partner feels hurt it could cause them to close down instead of talk about what happened. There are so many variables that play a role it's crucial to pinpoint what changed and when.


When you change how you perceive your partner, you also change the reaction. 


What will it take to make you commit to each other again? Make an appointment to find out.

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