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Mountain Cabin

Individual Therapy

Daring to be ALL of you

Living your best life isn't a dream but it can feel very far away. It's a common misconception to think you can ignore your past. You can't. You can try and you may even get away with it for many years but at some point it will catch up with you. So what do I mean by your past catching up with you?

Well do you remember when......?


It's the seemingly little things and the very big life events that play a role in how you stand in your current life. If we go back as far as birth - were you expected or unexpected? Were you welcomed with open arms, did you feel loved? That is just a start. The role of siblings, family values, community and so many other systems play a role in how you see yourself. When something happens you react according to how you are conditioned to react. It isn't until much later in life that you can recognise that some elements of your life may not have been 'helpful' to you. When you are rational about understanding other peoples behaviour, there's a good chance you are not taking your own feelings seriously. When you don't take yourself seriously, why do you expect others to take you seriously?

Take the first step and be aware of what is truly going on in your life.

In a 45 minute introductory session we can dig down, find out what you need and what actions are necessary to take the first step in living your dream life. Just being able to imagine what that might be can start to set the wheels in motion. 

We all have life events that change how we react to things. When you are aware of where your reactions originate you can actually change how you react and change your life. Book an introductory session find out more.

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