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Workshops & Teambuilding

Communication Is Key!

Finding the balance between your own personal boundaries and how you communicate with others can make the difference between loving being with family, friends and colleagues or hating it! 


In my workshops, I let you find what you need to create your balance using creative exercises paired with a psychological twist. A healthy dose of humour and being open can really make it a fun learning experience for all.


In a workshop with friends, family or colleagues you get to see each other from a different perspective, see someone in a different light and experience a new level of communication. We don't need to dive too deep unless that's what you specifically require and then there are of course a few rules, starting with acknowledging and respecting boundaries. It's so easy to think everyone 'should' do something in a certain way. Well let's start by banishing that word! According to whom 'should' you be doing a particular activity or behaving in a certain way? Always an interesting question which can give varying answers, often tapping into the subconscious, looking at why we do the things we do. 

The dynamics of working in a group is absolutely fascinating. When people say 'if you know what I mean?', let's be honest - it could mean anything. We can't read anyones mind (yet) and many fun exercises can show a total difference in the message we send out and the message that's being recieved. For example shy/introvert  people can sometimes be perceived as 'arrogant' because they don't say  good morning to other colleagues in the hall when the truth may be that they dare not to speak.

There are so many variations in workshops, please contact me for pricing and to see if our ideas can be matched. 

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