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White Structure

Carol Greenshields

International Change Coach & Psychologist

Languages have always fascinated me so learning the human language seemed like a natural step to take. Learning the language of drawings was a whole new chapter and basically brought me full circle - back to my love of drawing and painting. When words are not enough a drawing or painting can communicate the pain, the joy, the confusion and more of a moment in time. Growing up I dreamed of being bilingual, assuming it would be English and French. I was wrong about the language, it was English and Dutch. I grew up in the North of England and still return a few times a year to the UK to visit my family. At the age of 19 I moved to the Netherlands and started my new life. Many of my experiences have been extreme and although the diagnosis of PTSD was a shock at the time it was correct and has taught me so much. I live with my husband in Valkenburg Zuid Holland. My son (1995) lives fairly close by in The Hague.

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How to work with drawings

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