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What Secrets Do Your Drawings Reveal About You?

Your drawings reveal your personality and inner thoughts. They can provide insight into your emotions, desires, and fears, helping you better understand yourself and your subconscious mind.
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Daring To BeThe Real You

What negative behaviour and patterns are holding you back? Living your best life isn't a dream but it can feel very far away. It's a common misconception to think you can ignore your past. You can't. You can try and you may even get away with it for many years but at some point it will catch up with you. So what do I mean by your past catching up with you? Well do you remember when......? It's the seemingly little things and the very big life events that play a role in how you stand in your current life. If we go back as far as birth - were you expected or unexpected? Were you welcomed with open arms, did you feel loved? That is just a start. The role of siblings, family values, community and so many other systems play a role in how you see yourself. When something happens you react according to how you are conditioned to react. It isn't until much later in life that you can recognise that some elements of your life may not have been 'helpful' to you. When you are rational about understanding other peoples behaviour, there's a good chance you are not taking your own feelings seriously. When you don't take yourself seriously, why do you expect others to take you seriously? ​ Take the first step and be aware of what is truly going on in your life. If you are willing to work with me, to take the next step I offer a 3 part package. 1. Unlocking the past 2. Streamlining the flow 3. Personal life rules The first session is an assessment of where you are now, what is going on in your life and the journey you've made so far. In 1 and ½ hours we'll delve into your past, look at the initial patterns and concentrate on what you need. The second session is usually 2 to 3 weeks later and is aimed at processing what has come up. The real work happens when you go home. You start to process, to open up to your own life. Emotions and feelings can come up that leave you feeling shaky, feeling kind of strange. This is a normal part of the process and will help you really move forward but may also leave you feeling extra vulnerable. As more things than you imagine may come up, the second session is geared towards streamlining that - to visualise your patterns. The last session is between 2 and 3 weeks after the second session. Depending on where you are and what has happened in the processing time this is for how you can deal with situations that arise where you would normally fall back into your negative pattern of behaviour or self sabotage. When you learn new behaviour it takes practice. When you see the benefits, you will be motivated as you take back your won personal power. ​ ​ ​ ​

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Rekindle The Passion

What on earth happened to the passionate love you once shared as a couple ?  Let's investigate what happened from when you first met and fell in love to now.  In an initial session, it's important to find out if both partners are really willing to make a go of things, to be open and honest with each other and with me. ​ Communication is of course the most important element of the relationship but how you do that depends on a number of things. The family you grew up in the beliefs you hold may at some point cause communication to break down or change. If a partner feels hurt it could cause them to close down instead of talk about what happened. There are so many variables that play a role it's crucial to pinpoint what changed and when. When you change how you perceive your partner, you also change the reaction.  What will it take to make you commit to each other again? Make an appointment to find out.

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With Compassion

Finding the balance between your own personal boundaries and how you communicate with others can make the difference between loving being with family, friends and colleagues or hating it!  In my workshops, I let you find what you need to create your balance using creative exercises paired with a psychological twist. A healthy dose of humour and being open can really make it a fun learning experience for all. In a workshop with friends, family or colleagues you get to see each other from a different perspective, see someone in a different light and experience a new level of communication. We don't need to dive too deep unless that's what you specifically require and then there are of course a few rules, starting with acknowledging and respecting boundaries. It's so easy to think everyone 'should' do something in a certain way. Well let's start by banishing that word! According to whom 'should' you be doing a particular activity or behaving in a certain way? Always an interesting question which can give varying answers, often tapping into the subconscious, looking at why we do the things we do.  ​ The dynamics of working in a group is absolutely fascinating. When people say 'if you know what I mean?', let's be honest - it could mean anything. We can't read anyones mind (yet) and many fun exercises can show a total difference in the message we send out and the message that's being recieved. For example shy/introvert  people can sometimes be perceived as 'arrogant' because they don't say  good morning to other colleagues in the hall when the truth may be that they dare not to speak. ​ There are so many variations in workshops, please contact me for pricing and to see if our ideas can be matched.

I Wanted To Understand Me!

I'm Carol Greenshields,

International Change Coach

and Psychologist

Until 2014 I didn't really believe I had to change! I knew I had unhealthy patterns of behaviour that would creep up on me and still know how to surprise me but I learnt to deal with it.

When I started to become over emotional with emotions I couldn't place and even experienced physical pain, I knew I had to do something.

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"Working with Carol was a pleasure. Art therapy is not something I had tried before but boy was it effective. It enabled Carol to get to root causes very quickly and within a space of weeks I have managed to recognise, understand and deal with the issues at hand. I am very grateful to Carol for her skill and insight and her caring nature and her help and would strongly recommend Carol without reservation. Thank you Carol.”


Choose you,
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