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Recognise any of these?


Repeating patterns

Spinning out of control

Stuck in a rut

Feeling afraid, stupid, overemotional, hurt............



What Secrets Do Your Drawings Reveal About You?

"I can't draw" is not an issue!

Abstract Watercolor Drawing

So what can you do about any of it?

Nobody goes unscathed through life.

We are all on a journey, to be specific, our own unique and personal journey shaped by life experiences.

As a psychologist and Change Coach I truly believe in the power of drawings to look at what's going on from a different perspective. When you are ready you will know:

  • Are you really honest about what your patterns are ? (however cringeworthy)

    • Are you totally fed up with your patterns? enough to face them head on?

  • Do you truly want to change your life ?

    • Are you willing to let go of patterns that may somehow be serving you? (getting you exempt from certain types of work, social gatherings etc etc)

    • Do you want to stop using negative words and thoughts?

    • Are you willing to release the emotions associated with past events?

  • Do you have the courage to change your future? 

    • To acknowledge and let go of behaviour ​that's holding you back?


I often use art exercises to help my clients reveal emotions where words are sometimes just too painful. In many cases we have just learned to live with the pain making it part of ourselves, manifesting in ways that make our life so much more difficult such as poor sleep, recurrent injuries, lack of concentration, restlessness, burn-out, poor self esteem; the list goes on.


Becoming aware of what is really going on is so very important. Where do your behaviour patterns stem from? Using simple drawings or paintings we can literally look at what's going on - the first step to unlocking your future.


Feel free to contact me with any questions with regard to changing how you react. I am fluent in both Dutch and English (native speaker).


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What Carol Says........
"Working with Carol was a pleasure. Art therapy is not something I had tried before but boy was it effective. It enabled Carol to get to root causes very quickly and within a space of weeks I have managed to recognise, understand and deal with the issues at hand. I am very grateful to Carol for her skill and insight and her caring nature and her help and would strongly recommend Carol without reservation. Thank you Carol.”


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