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In Company Coaching

  • How does your company cope with increased sick days under employees?
  • What is your company policy to deal with sick days? How do you motivate employees suffering from burn-out?
  • How do you motivate employees to see the bigger picture and to have fun at work?
  • Have you ever considered that working with simple drawings could change the way your company functions for the better?

What if.......

Coaching was available?

Imagine if you could offer your employees the opportunity to book in a coaching session at least twice a month to check in when they are feeling under the weather, lost, unappreciated or otherwise unhappy.

Burn out and sick leave are very often unrelated to work issues but can have a profound impact on an employee. Being able to book in a CONFIDENTIAL session with a professional before things go too far and before sick leave feels like the only option provides a win win situation. 

Online group sessions were available?

Imagine if your employees could join a weekly webinar to discuss psychological issues to change behaviour. Certain topics can be mind blowing and can lift the lid off old patterns of behaviour.

The dynamics of an online group session can have a huge impact. Just knowing how to, for example, communicate in a way that gets results can be life changing. When you start to recognise your own triggers you start to communicate in a different way.

Employees could seek help anonymously?

Imagine if there is bullying happening within the company and it hasn't been detected or dealt with; wouldn't you want to know? If employees feel safe in being able to communicate without repercussions you can dive in and get results.

Directors and managers could ask for advice in 'difficult sitautions'

Imagine if you have an employee who is 'difficult' and who you'd like to approach in a way that gets the very best out of that person. How would it feel to be able to book in an appointment and plan anew approach?

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